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This week saw the release of Brett Nichols newest video called SPÄTI and for those that know us know that we were closely involved in the making of that video (on the skateboarding end of things). After his 2015 visit, we stayed in touch with Brett and some of the other American guys even made a return visit in 2016. That summer spent skating and sitting at the Späti drinking beer resulted in multiple projects happening,  A plethora of pictures shot by Alexey Lapin, Friedjof Feye and Danny Sommerfeld a lot of social media output and even projects like Pete’s B’n’B in Amsterdam are connected to this visit. Coming back, those weeks spent cycling, skating and drinking resulted in multiple stories which will be unfolded in this article.

Traveling the through city.


Picture this, Berlin 2015, every summer year guest flock to our city to experience life as it is lived in the German capital. Back in 2015 the summer marked the return visit of a couple of our friends from the USA coupled with the visit of Russian skate photographer Alexey Lapin and German photographer/skater Conny Mirbach. From the start, everybody got along great and skate dates were made, “Let’s go out and shoot some photos and film some stuff, motivation was high. Now normally skate photographers travel with a lot of equipment and that often means that you are bound by a car, but Alexey traveled very light. It was in fact, Brett Nichols the filmer who carried two boards, multiple VX1000 cameras, wax and all sorts of other tools. He had everything, from stuff to smoothen out the most un-grindable ledge to stuff that could fix the worst run up. The best way to find stuff to skate in Berlin is to travel the city by bicycle, which meant that Brett had to carry a lot of stuff, which he did without ever complaining! I… did complain though. When you are out looking for spots you don’t always know what you are going to get, so that meant for me that I didn’t get to skate that much being that the spots didn’t favour me and that, to be honest made me feel quite sour. Like on the day that Tjark did this wallie 180, you can see me in the background anxiously waiting for him to land it so we could leave.

As you can see in the video TJ wasn’t quite done after he landed this one, I was.

Changing up your style.

For those of you that don’t know, not every American uses a bike to travel to where they need to go. So cycling around for days on end definitely caused some sore asses, stiff leg muscles, and the occasional back ache. But that wasn’t the only thing that happened as a result of the hours spent on a bike, seeing that a lot of spots were ‘hit and run’ type of spots Bobby Groves developed a thing where he wouldn’t even take his pants out of his socks (A thing you do so you don’t get grease on your pants.), instead he just skated adopted a new style of dress and rocked the shit out of it for a week or so.

Bobby Line 2
Bobby keeping his pants tucked.

Bobby Grind
Bobby made this one look easy but it is probably the sickest trick in the video.

Not being able to Ollie

Brett wouldn’t skate that much, he carefully choose the spots he wanted to skate and what he wanted to skate seemed to never involve him having to Ollie, I asked him about this and he replied that his body sort of denied him the ability so he tried to find other ways to get his skateboard-fix. As a result, Mr. Nichols would skate somewhat weird spots, things that others wouldn’t necessarily want to skate. His taste came not only from the fact that he wasn’t able to Ollie it also came from his surroundings. He had a thing for spots that looked like they were built in a certain era and in a certain style. This made Brett interesting to watch, his eyes would wonder during our long cycle tours and if he found the right thing he would battle until he got what he wanted.

Brett layback
This is probably my favorite trick in the video and it is near my house and somehow I never identified this sculpture as a spot.

Brett Grind
Brett is pretty meticulous about how he want things to look and he doen’t hesitate create the right easthetic.

Brett Front Board
This is the first spot I saw Brett skate, he battled for the trick quite a bit but got what he wanted in the end.

Seldomly skated

All in all, we skated a lot of new spots and Brett was open to film whatever you wanted to try, culminating in us skating some spots that had not seen a lot or maybe any skating at all. Ever since Dane Brady’s Polar part people seem to be into skating alternative surfaces more and more but during this trip, we tried to skate some seldomly skated spots in ways we hadn’t seen them skated before. One of the many things that made the whole experience so much fun, every day we had a routine, meet up at the local skate park, skate, Alexey would drink a beer and then we would get on our bikes and skate the whole day. Brett took his time with the edit but in the end, he captured the fun quite well, making it seem like one of the most fun summers I ever had, and maybe it was.

Nils holding on to his crooked grind, I remember watching this and thinking “I didn’t know Nils could do that!”, a common thought for those familiar with his skating.

Brett originally asked me to do something on this but I was too heavy and couldn’t roll away, Malte could and did this first try.

Harry Nose Manual
Harry connected us all so it is only logical that we close the whole thing out with him.

Text by Roland Hoogwater

I was drunk last night. Drunk and high. It wasn’t too crazy, but enough to make me talk shit about my boss to one of his closest assistants. I’m sure this won’t cause any trouble for me, but it’ll definitely make me feel a bit uncomfortable at the lunch meeting later on today. A wall of six screens, various desks, neatly arranged in a room the size of a swimming pool. 12 people in dark suits competing over today’s biggest deal. I’m here to put them in their places.


I like my job, I really do. I couldn’t see myself working anywhere else right now. I work as a banking administrator in the Corporate Finance Department of a big bank that’s based in Frankfurt am Main. Born and raised in London, I’ve always been able to hold my liquor. My siblings and I were born drinking, my whole family drinks. What is a hangover anyways? Isn’t that a city in Germany? I usually wake up early, I need to be in the office at around 7 a.m.


The first meeting is on at 7:15 and the last one usually around 8:30-ish. That’s normal. I’m not complaining. I love it! If I could, I’d probably sleep less and drink more. Having a successful career is a family tradition. When I look out of my office window I can see the “Silberturm”, also known as the DB Tower, and its marble entrance plaza. Some days you can watch the most fucked up things happening down there. Pure entertainment!


Although I have a pretty terrific car collection back home in London, I never really use my own car out here. Frankfurt is small, and I can take a cab in less than a minute if I really need a ride. Since my new apartment is only a block away from my office, I often take a quick walk instead. Probably the only time I actually spend outside. I’m sure I’d catch the flu if someone threw me into the woods, or even just close to a tree. I rather smoke a cigarette; they do me better anyway. Life is what you make of it, right? Nature only makes me nervous.


As a kid you have a different view on things; I always thought of myself as someone who goes on a journey to discover the planet. I wanted to plant a seed on every single mainland, help people, feed those in need, maybe become a doctor or a professor, just to do some good. That was before I went to college and everything. Before girls, money, drugs. I was wet behind the ears, a real virgin. So after I discovered my strengths, I slowly started to forget about all that good-will bull crap and became a businessman. I do business!


So, today I arrived pretty late. It must have been around 7:14. That means not much time to actually prepare a meeting, although that’s something I usually don’t do anyways. My job is to chair the meeting and talk about yesterday’s numbers and today’s forecasts. My secretary is this 23-year-old German girl, born and raised in Frankfurt. Married to a policeman. No kids. So, why not? I mean I would, and maybe I will at one point.


I saw her once, at an office party, making out with the younger brother of my boss. They left the room for a good 15 minutes. Whatever it takes, I always try to get what I want. Since I was a young kid, I walked my own path in my very own shoes. My father was a cold-hearted man and I taught myself how to take a shit on the toilet, ride a bike and smoke a cigarette. My mum died when I was two years old and I never really learned to love my stepmother. What I’m trying to say is, I’m good.


Sometimes, when I look out of the window, down to the DB entrance plaza I see grown men on skateboards. Guys around 20, 25. Playing with a toy for kids, in the streets. I always wonder what their parents might think about that. Do they still have a parent that tells them to get a life? Skater-punks, prostitutes, drug-dealers, all kinds of crooked people and in between you have us: good-looking men in suits. What a contrast! Like there is only black and white. Rich and poor. Clean and dirty. Day and night. Call me whatever you want, but this is pretty fucked up and I kind of like it. I feel like I belong in a situation like that. I was born for this. Give me more of that.


This meeting is useless. Every single banker in this room is looking at me as if they really care, as if they like what I’m saying… they want to know, they want to get a raise and I am the one in charge. Bullshit. Don’t look at me like that and stop kissing my ass. You pricks don’t know shit. My mood is on a low. This might be the closest I ever get to a “hangover”.


All these thoughts come to mind as I sit here and I talk about millions of Euros. It’s easy for me. After ten years in the business and three years in a position like this, it’s a fucking breeze. God, how I love it. Actually, I do three things at once. 1: Talk about yesterday’s Indonesian stock market. 2: Make fun of my colleagues. 3: Picture my secretary butt naked while screaming at me – maybe that makes it even four. This place is like hell and I seem to be the devil.

Words: Daniel Pannemann
Photos: Danny Sommerfeld

Skaters: Valentin Cafuk, Jonas Hess, Alex Ullmann

Vans lädt am kommenden Wochenende ins wunderschöne Städtchen Riccione an der italienischen Küste ein – der alljährliche Spring Classic Miniramp Contest steht vor der Tür. Und damit nicht genug – neben dem Contest selbst ist für ein stattliches Rahmenprogramm gesorgt: Ein angekoppeltes Streetart Festival, viel Live Musik, sowie das obligatorische “Propeller” Screening runden das Ganze ab. Lasst euch überraschen…

Wer es nicht nach Italien schafft, kann sich das ganze Spektakel hier im Livestream angucken und das sollte sich lohnen – neben zahlreichen Pros aus ganz Europa haben sich unter anderem Julien Stranger, Grant Taylor, Andrew Allen und Peter Hewitt von Anti Hero angekündigt: Skateboarding der Extraklasse ist somit garantiert.



Hier noch ein Recap vom letzten Jahr in bewegten Bildern:

Anfang des Monats, frisches Geld auf dem Konto und keine Ahnung wofür du es ausgeben sollst – wir hätten hier 10 brandheiße Items für euch, die es wert sind von den Stangen der Shops gerissen zu werden.

TPDG Supplies – Coach Jacket – 89,90 Euro

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Diamond Socks
Diamond Supply Co. – Rock Sport Socks – 7,95 Euro

Claro! Caps – Milano Cap – 35,00 Euro

Hélas – Umbrella T-Shirt – 35,00 Euro

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DC Shoes – Mikey Taylor 2 – 90,00 Euro

Fluff x Nike SB – 1826 Puzzle – 15,00 Euro

5Boro NYC – Stefan Marx Airline Series Queens – 59,90 Euro

So, nachdem nun wahrscheinlich jeder von euch “It’s A Phamtastic World” gesehen hat, ist es an der Zeit den Part und seine Reaktionen aufzuarbeiten. Wenn du den Part noch nicht gesehen hast, nimm dir bitte vier Minuten Zeit und klicke hier. Wir haben uns durch das World Wide Web geklickt und diese 10 aussagekräftigen Quotes zusammengesucht. Wenn ihr euren Senf auch noch loswerden wollt – gerne in die Kommentare damit! Jetzt aber:

“German Malto”

“If he was on Adio they would never have gone bankrupt.”

“Asian Shane o’Neill”

“Where is the fucking rails?”

“It’s a phamtastic part!”

“Wow, Skateboarding is getting way too tech”

“I think Flip has their new Mark Appleyard!”

“This is the best filming i’ve ever seen.”

“Is this guy getting paid yet?”

“Regular or goofy? Yes!”

Michi Mackrodt hat zusammen mit Enrique Mayor diesen Mini Part für seinen Sponsor Haze Wheels zusammengefilmt – da haben sich die vielen Reisen ja bezahlt gemacht. Für Freunde von flinken Füßen:

Während sich in unseren Gefilden endlich der Sommer nähert, kehrt am anderen Ende der Welt langsam, aber sicher der Winter ein. Die Australier von Buttergoods stellen also mit diesem Lookbook – analog geschossen von James Whineray und Garth Mariano in den Straßen von Perth – die neue Winterkollektion vor, die trotzdem irgendwie nach Sommer riecht: So kalt wirds ja in Australien nicht werden…

Ab dem 29. April lassen sich die Teile online shoppen!


Robinson Kuhlmann fährt seit 1989 Skateboard, ist Skateshopbesitzer, führt das Restaurant „Attentat Griechischer Salat“ und betreibt mit der “14” seine eigene Bar – ein richtiger Hans Dampf in allen Gassen. Ihr merkt: Aus der Münchener Szene ist der mittlerweile 35-Jährige nicht wegzudenken. Grund genug für uns dem Profi Socialiser mal eine Frage zu stellen – und die hat mit Alkohol zu tun…

Robinson, du als Barbesitzer – Der Sommer steht in den Startlöchern – was ist für dich der Sommerdrink 2015?


Hier ist er – der Cocktail heisst Marrakesch Mint!

Das Rezept:
• frische Minze
• 2cl Zitrone
• 3cl Orange
• 3cl Gin
• 3cl Cointreau
• shaken + mit Soda auffüllen!

Warum razziert der?
Es ist Sommer es ist heiss! Aus Zitrone, Orange, Gin und Cointreau (Likör aus der Orangenschale) entsteht ein Drink der einer Limo ähnelt aber eben auch Alkohol enthält. Die ätherischen Öle und die Frische der Pfefferminze geben aber in der Kombination noch die nötige frische Note dazu um den Sommerdrink 2015 zu generieren! Der Drink wurde übrigens von Neville Kuhlmann in Robinson’s Bar 2014 erfunden! Just to let you know! Wenn ihr mal nach München kommt, dann zieht euch den rein!


Kenny Anderson fährt in diesem Clip für Edwin Watches mit seinem Rennrad von Spot zu Spot und lässt es sich nicht nehmen ein paar Tricks zu machen – gewohnt stylisch. Hat Kenny eigentlich den besten Backtail der Welt?

Andy Muellers The Quiet Life macht mit dem neuesten Lookbook mal wieder alles richtig und stellt unter Beweis, dass ein Lookbook auch ohne viel Schnickschnack auskommen kann. Dem Fotografen Dan Monick reichte ein Model von einer ordinären Wand um die Frühlingslooks in Szene zu setzen – unsere Favoriten der Kollektion, die ab sofort hier erhältlich ist:
















Das Modest Department hat seine Gründung bereits vor drei Monaten mit dem Kurzfilm night/shift angekündigt, nun ist die neue Webseite offiziell live, zu der auch das brandneue Showreel 2015 präsentiert wird. Es zeigt die komplete Bandbreite der letzten Projekte, sowie Ausschnitte kreativer Eigenproduktionenen. Wer mehr über das Projekt erfahren möchte, schaut einfach auf www.modestdepartment.com vorbei.