Every year there are a lot of companies and crews that want to do a tour or to just spend a couple of days in Berlin. The skaters want to see and skate the famous spots like Kulturforum, Naga, Polendenkmal, Bänke, Frankfurter Tor and many other. Recently, the German Converse Cons team riders Daniel Pannemann, Danny Sommerfeld, and Jonas Heß met in Berlin to produce a clip, yet with a whole different approach. Next to some of the before mentioned famous spots, they rather tried to find something else, something that gives the viewer a new perspective of the endless possibilities a city like Berlin can offer. With this aim in mind, they chose the right photographer, Henrik Biemer, who is known for his unique way in which he depicts the place he calls home, whereby he is always looking for some new ways to shoot something whenever he goes out to skate.

Text by Paul Röhrs

All Photos by Biemer