There is not a lot of newcomers out there with the ability to jump as high as him. Meet Jonas, the rather shy but mature young-gun from Kassel who doesn‘t really care about the business side of being a sponsored Skater. He can make a talent scout cry, let me tell you.

When I first met him about one and a half years ago, watching him do his thing, I knew right away that he has what it takes to join our gang. Not too tall, not too small, he’s a winsome guy who doesn’t force things and never shows too much ego.

So we exchanged numbers. Met up, met up again, I even gave him a little present, but when I invited him for a proper gangbang with the whole crew, he nevertheless cold-shouldered me. Maybe it all went down too fast for him; maybe I stupidly asked for too much – although I’d taken extra care not to rush things.

Jonas is the kind of guy who only wants to have fun. No demos, no elaborate marketing strategies, no after parties with all the other pros and hoes. Being as humble as they come, he really only asks for one thing: a board made out of the best possible wood – for a long lasting pop.



And yet, it did happen eventually. For some reason this one girl managed to butter him up. She’s gorgeous, visually a great match, and all the homies seem to like her as well. Love was in the air whenever you saw them together. He was already in a relationship before they met; that one was his first. But apparently it never felt right anyway. She lacked motivation, something was wrong about her style. In short, the whole thing was destined to fail from the beginning.

Well, now he’s with the girl everybody was after. A perfectly shaped body, great skin. But there is a downside, unfortunately, as he certainly knows where the shoe pinches him: She wants to get entertained, get shown around and meet all his friends and family. It’s only the beginning of their relationship, so maybe he’ll get used to it without burning his fingers. I just hope he knows when to stop so he doesn’t get footsore. As some wise man once put it on a cloakroom wall: “No matter how beautiful she is, there is someone out there who’s fed up about her.”

I hope he’ll find a way to walk that thin line between jerking off and sex for money. And that he won’t get cold feet when it’s time for the big gangbang.

Danny Sommerfeld