Tag: Billy McFeely

Finally the new Bronze video dropped.

A video for the masses featuring a lot of new guys and the ones we already know such as Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Jordan Trahan, Will Marshall, Adrian Vega, Billy McFeely, Brad Cromer & many more.

Somewhere between Jason Dill in skate more, Instagram and Jim Greco’s films now lies this Eli Reed project.

Is it good? Is it bad or is it just there? That is up to you the viewer to decide.

Start your week right! New York’s Bronze 56k finally launched their new video feat.: Chachi, John Shanahan, Adrian Vega, Josh Wilson, Dick Rizzo and many more others.

The Boys from Bronze 56k ripping around New York in this VHS style edit. Some new tricks and some unused angles as seen in the most recent Bronze release. This clip made me wondering if that Pig Wheel X Bronze 56k Collabo is really happening!