Welcome back to another Place Presents, today we have a special NYC treat on the menu for you. Pat Hoblin and Esteve Femenias who you might know from the wonderful Cecilia project created this video part in a mere 5-day time span. In all of our years of experience, this must mean that they met in the right place at the right time because these short sections aren’t as easy to make as you might think, even if your are a great skater.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Film & Edit Esteve Femenias.

Colorist Adrià Cuadrado.

Titles Maties Adrover.

Thumbnail Picture Joaquín Verges.

To be honest, we would suggest that if you are not yet aware of Esteve’s work you go back by clicking this link and take a look at “Cecilia” filmed entirely in Mallorca. Well worth a watch!