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One of our absolute fave’s in Isaac White and Nicolas Marti combined forces to bring you this truly wonderful part! Must watch TV, even if you are not in NYC. Extra shoutout to Neema Joorabchi, who helped work on this part.

Chase Walker is back at it with his new sick video “STILL”. This crew has an amazing vibe around them and the editing is great as usual. A feast for the eyes and ears. S/O to Nico Marti for casually killing it behind and in front of the lens. We can hardly wait for the next one.

Make sure to check out their brand “Latenitestars” to support them in doing their thing.

The New York City scene is only producing good content lately and highly productive Neema Joorabchi continues this string by releasing his new video “limp”. It features three sick parts by Tyler Vrckovnik, Noah Singleton, and Jasper Stieve. Good one!

Neema Joorabchi did it again and this time he’s back with a very lovely edit straight from New York City. Go do as the title says and feast your eyes!

Neema Joorabchi and his friends can´t be stopped. After his last full-length release, he´s back with a new video called “what dreams are made of”. The winter in New York City seems to come to an end, and everyone is slowly crawling out of their winter caves. What a nice time of the year : ).

Neema Joorabchi´s full-length video “till it’s gone” has it all. From skating rocks, forklifts and jumping out of houses all the way to using hairspray as a flamethrower and having a man in a chicken suit give out candy ; ). Good vibes and great skating are guaranteed, so lean back and enjoy this gem out of New York City.

Neema Joorabchi is a very busy man. Watch his latest work featuring Jake Hofmann, James Gaehner, Jasper Stieve, Noah Singleton, Randy Navarro, Tristan Rowean & more.

So Neema is leaving California and it seems he is sad about the affair. But we do get a nice video as a result of this leaving. The video shows all kinds of levels of skating which we guess reflects Neema’s group of friends.

Sidenote, San Francisco does always look great on footage doesn’t it?

Check out more of Neema here.

Just a wonderful project about being together as friends. Wesley Banford shows his friends in the most flattering way and we are not all that surprised to see Neema Joorabchi’s name in there either. Something is brewing in Cali.

Neema Joorabchi is someone who has been sending in his videos for a while some of which we posted before. But this is a video that will take his endeavors to another level.

The skating is really good, the filming is as well and the music was selected not just dragged and dropped into a adobe premiere sequence.

We strongly suggest you check out Neema’s work and we are looking forward to what is next.