This is a rare moment, a moment in which a Place Presents doesn’t come with a full interview. That is not because we didn’t want to do it but because we want Neema Joorabchi to have something like a resume review. Why you might ask? Well, Mr. Joorabchi has been on quite a run lately and is in fact one of the most productive filmers out there today. Each edit seems to be different but better than the ones before and because he is honing his craft you can see his own style develop with each edit.

So in the end, when it became clear that we would partner up to do this we asked Neema to tell us about this Place Presents edit he just replied:

“I love my friends and I’m not influenced by anyone”

Neema Joorabchi, 2021.

We just feel lucky to be presenting this today because this is another little milestone on the road to something special. Enjoy!


Sami Dahman, Kalman Ocheltree, Jasper Stieve, Bailey Goldsborough, Isaac White, Jesse Newman, Cristian Griego, Ilias Burro, Zac Gavin, Tyler Blue Golden, Noah Singleton, Smiler, Jake Hofmann, Jordan Thrower, Charlie Arriero, Lance Tisuela, Adam Acevedo, Jonah Rabuy, Andrew Duran, Daniel Pahutan, Alex Guibert, Jon Campbell, Nick Glenister, Thomas Middleton, James Gaehner, Tristen Rowean, Brady Sullivan, Kurt Comer, Eden Withers-Koch, Jack McNulty, Randy Navarro, Justin McGrath, Omar Solorio, Tyler Chew, Nick Rapoza, Blue Cabot & Brenden Bilbao.