Our interest in someone always starts with skating but it doesn’t end there. Rapper N.O.R.E. said it best: for the first two years your skills will carry you but after that, you need to be able to give a good interview. We see a lot of parallels between skating and music, so when Magnus Bordewick temporarily moved to Berlin this summer I invited him to our office to talk.

So, we talked skating, his possible departure from Oslo, the value of a good photographer (@Biemer: Magnus wants me to give you some props here!) and a lot more. But we didn’t touch on his love for dogs that much. So when I finally called him up to talk, I proposed the idea of doing an interview about his dog; his love of and knowledge about dogs. He answered: “Yo I’m super down for that. Let’s do it!”

Read the whole interview in our new issue! You can get it HERE and in every finer skateshop in Europe.

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