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If Evan Wasser is becoming S.O.T.Y. because of this, we wouldn’t mind it at all. Miles ahead, as always! Evan for Frog Skateboards.

“Amazing floating skateboarder with rare minerals inside.” That’s how Frog Skateboards described Josh McLaughlin and we think that’s a perfect description. Great skateboarding captured by Ed Claire.

Frog Skateboards is back with another highly enjoyable video starring Nick Michel and Evan Wasser. This video feels like a chill music playlist that leaves you with a good feeling. Definitely brightened up our day 🙂

Filmed by Chris Milic and Daniel Dent.

The Frogs did it again! Vans Skateboarding released their second collaboration with Frog Skateboards and it again came out very easy and playful. That’s a very rare vibe in skateboarding and we love that. It always reminds us that it’s all about having fun. Frog rules!

The very entertaining editing is of course by Diego Meek.

It´s always a good day when Frog Skateboards uploads a new video : ). This time, it´s Pat Gallaher´s part from “ClipTownUSA”. A local video from Minneapolis, USA, filmed and edited by Chris Burt. The color yellow seems to play an important role in Pat´s part and we love that. Also, when was the last time you saw someone skating in Lakai shoes?

Free Skate Mag uploaded the whole video. Watch it HERE.

God bless Daniel Dent and the good people of Frog Skateboards, not one but two frog heavy videos in one week it must be our lucky 7 days streak.