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One of WKND’s best offerings to date, congrats to Andrew Considine for going pro and never working again… Also, we love the Karsten Kleppan section but can we stop with this US-centered “Euro-Pro” thingy? Even if it is meant ironically it might be time to retire it completely.

God bless Daniel Dent and the good people of Frog Skateboards, not one but two frog heavy videos in one week it must be our lucky 7 days streak.

Another great Threadcleaner production, which draws inspiration from Supernaut skateboard’s “Legacy” video. Say what you want we are sure you will be pausing the video to read those great little text insertions: *Video parts starting with a 360 flip or *Videos ending with a Backtail (See the video for answers.).

Anyway, we feel that in 2017 behind the scenes, turns around and stands in front of the camera (metaphorically speaking of course) and Supervisual is a fine example of one the new ways to keep skate videos exciting in 2017.

If you are able to skate the rough seeming spots of San Fransisco you are probably able to skate everywhere. Produced by Colton Elrod this clip features lots of good street skateboarding divided into four chapters with different songs that, I guess, stand for the four seasons mentioned in the title.

Featuring Christian Miller, Harry Hafner, Bobby Groves, Tom Brinkerhoff, Mike Kilkenny-Patrick, Adrian Vega, James Sayres, Zac Gracie, Drake Johnson, Roger Krebs, Jordan Gesko, Tory Hereford, Trevor Thompson, Simon Jensen, Connor Duhaime and Davis McDonald.

Good skating, good music, cool animations, Austyn Gillette… Enough reasons for you to watch this new WKND video. Also featuring Taylor Caruso, Christian Maalouf, Raymond Molinar and the rest of the team.