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The Frogs did it again! Vans Skateboarding released their second collaboration with Frog Skateboards and it again came out very easy and playful. That’s a very rare vibe in skateboarding and we love that. It always reminds us that it’s all about having fun. Frog rules!

The very entertaining editing is of course by Diego Meek.

God bless Daniel Dent and the good people of Frog Skateboards, not one but two frog heavy videos in one week it must be our lucky 7 days streak.

The Frog Team now includes Hayden Burns and together they went on a tour to Rancho Cucamonga, Phoenix & Vegas. Diego Meek made this video with his signature crazy filming and editing style. Featuring Hayden Burns, Pat Gallaher, Jesse Alba, Chris Milic, Krazy Franky and Luis Ouida.


Hayden Burns macht Wallie Body Varials – The Hard Way!?.. und auch sonst alles irgendwie ein bisschen anders. Man könnte fast meinen, dass wir ein wenig sprachlos sind. Zum Glück hat David Deery ein besonders schönes Statment dazu: Either this kid is the most original skateboarder I’ve seen in a long time, or skateboarding has become very very very cool. That music? Wallie body varial? How old is this kid? Skating with a cast on? Is this Salman Agah’s kid? That fuckin music? THE GOD DAMN MUSIC? No comply straight down a set of stairs? I wanna hug this kid and die knowing skateboarding is gonna be OK. – MF David Deery. Kann man so stehen lassen, wir hoffen auf mehr!