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Daniel Dent did it again. After his sick video “with the apple” from 2 years ago he is back with a new one called “faith in bro”. This time filmed in some very nice HD and it features a lot of our favorite skaters. What more could we ask for?

WITS’ END” is a video by Jake Durham filmed in Minnesota over the Summer of 2020. Presented by the good people over at Village Psychic. More about the whole project HERE.

Featuring Rob Sissi, Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Andy Paulson, Kirian Stone, Tabari Cook, Joe Hall, Dana Ross, Pat Gallaher, Andy Pearson, Aaron Christensen, Chase Duerlinger, Mitch Guth, Collin Maynard, Will Lawson, Joe Sexton, Robby Frank, Trinity Alexander, Stephen Pestalozzi, Jimmy Goodman, Connor Gasch, Nathan Cameron, Mathias Rotstein & Josh Manoles.

It´s always a good day when Frog Skateboards uploads a new video : ). This time, it´s Pat Gallaher´s part from “ClipTownUSA”. A local video from Minneapolis, USA, filmed and edited by Chris Burt. The color yellow seems to play an important role in Pat´s part and we love that. Also, when was the last time you saw someone skating in Lakai shoes?

Free Skate Mag uploaded the whole video. Watch it HERE.

Frog skateboards are something special, ever since Enjoi started there has not been a company that has been focused on marketing to adults via childlike and at times naive graphics.

Krazy Frankie is probably one of the best people on frog and we hope his future is bright both at his board sponsor but also with his footwear sponsor.

Tony Choy-Sutton brings us his vision of how street skating in NYC can look like. Raw, fast and sketchy and we have to admit we watched it twice already. Feeling it!

Featuring: Nial Frederickson, John Gardner, Aaron Brown, Tony Choy-Sutton, Cooper Winterson, Jesse Ward, Pat Gallaher, Isaac White, Brad Hendrickson, Kevin Graver, Jake Keenan, Nate Coonrod, Franco and Sean Frederickson.

Frog seems to be putting out videos like Santa is wrapping presents if that doesn’t make sense to you click this link to see all our frog-related items.

This edit seems to announce a new female team rider and to recap some of the gnarlier things to take place in a frog edit. Anyway if you like Frog than Christmas came early this year.

The Frog Team now includes Hayden Burns and together they went on a tour to Rancho Cucamonga, Phoenix & Vegas. Diego Meek made this video with his signature crazy filming and editing style. Featuring Hayden Burns, Pat Gallaher, Jesse Alba, Chris Milic, Krazy Franky and Luis Ouida.