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The good people over at Village Psychic met up with Roger Bagley, which most of you probably know from The Nine Club show, to skate curbs at a windy beach, visit the Nine Club studio and talk about mental health. We are happy to hear that Roger changed something and that he is doing better now!

WITS’ END” is a video by Jake Durham filmed in Minnesota over the Summer of 2020. Presented by the good people over at Village Psychic. More about the whole project HERE.

Featuring Rob Sissi, Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Andy Paulson, Kirian Stone, Tabari Cook, Joe Hall, Dana Ross, Pat Gallaher, Andy Pearson, Aaron Christensen, Chase Duerlinger, Mitch Guth, Collin Maynard, Will Lawson, Joe Sexton, Robby Frank, Trinity Alexander, Stephen Pestalozzi, Jimmy Goodman, Connor Gasch, Nathan Cameron, Mathias Rotstein & Josh Manoles.

The lovely folks over at Village Psychic called up Mr. Andrew Allen himself to talk about his output of skateboarding clips from a few years ago. Who doesn´t love some behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and anecdotes told from the person which lived through it?

Shoutout to AA for mentioning Van Wastell. Made us go back and rewatch his parts. He was definitely ahead of his time.

The Village Psychic has been and still is one of the best sources of opinionated skate nerd writing. This time they are back with  a new series focussing on skateboarding’s rules as explained by Bobby Puleo.

Of course Puleo is famous for his grumpy old man approach kind of like Joe Budden, are we the only one that thinks that this could be an Everyday Struggle kind of thing? Put the old man together with somebody like Tyshawn Jones and a show is born.

Any way, back on topic, this feature is great and we hope it continues to come out at a steady rate.

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Illustration by Cosme Studios

10 years after the first Battle at the Berrics the contests landscape has changed. Not only is the Berrics not the same as it was (it is not even at the same location) but the audience, the skaters, and the vibe have changed. One of our favorite websites the Village Psychic graciously made that point in this article.

Go to the article by clicking this link.

As a bonus a re-post of what is probably the best game of skate ever!