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One of WKND’s best offerings to date, congrats to Andrew Considine for going pro and never working again… Also, we love the Karsten Kleppan section but can we stop with this US-centered “Euro-Pro” thingy? Even if it is meant ironically it might be time to retire it completely.

What to say… What to say? Go look up Hook-ups “Destroying America” if you don’t know what this is all about.

WKND is paying homage to these three skateboarding legends: Jeremy Klein, Heath Kirchart and Willy Santos who is actually in the video.

In the end, we hope Jeremy Klein is laughing all the way to the bank (pun intended) when they saw this video.

Good skating, good music, cool animations, Austyn Gillette… Enough reasons for you to watch this new WKND video. Also featuring Taylor Caruso, Christian Maalouf, Raymond Molinar and the rest of the team.