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Limosine gave Aaron Loreth two well-deserved pro-boards and blessed us with this 2-minute part. We love that Aaron still films tricks at the barrier spot and the wallride. Check his boards HERE.

Video by Benny Maglinao.

Stüssy released a cool new video from a recent trip to Hawaii featuring Hugo Boserup, Diego Todd, David Stenstrom, Gabe Thompson, Stafhon Boca, Aaron Loreth, Lance Mountain, and Jesse Alba. The Hawaii lifestyle with surfing and skating always looks like good times.

Very nicely put together by Antosh Cimoszko.

We often talk about the lost art of a good slam section in our office and guess what… we weren’t alone in our love for high-quality slams. Diego Todd was already one of our faves to watch, and this video, combined with his board dropping, has further solidified that!