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We heard about this video when we asked some friends at the skatepark – “What are you watching?”. It happened to be Tom Peel´s latest release “earth member”. Filmed in London, Bristol, and Manchester it gives us a glimpse into the scene there and its new generation. Well done guys!

Last spring we worked on a project for Nike SB it was for the “58 Blazer” a shoe made by skate shop employees for skate shops. During that project, we met Charlie O’Donnell who works at Manchester’s best shop NOTE, a proud store supporting Blueprint era legends and the northern scene.

If you are not into history or music then you might not know much about Manchester but it is safe to say that when you are not talking football there you are talking music! In that sense, the north reigns supreme and with this project, we might have to start putting skateboard videos in the mix.

Tony Wilson said it best:

“This is Manchester, we do things differently here.”


“If you’re not a Manc you’re Wanc!” The reason why must be that it is one of the more important historic cities in Europe and a hub for some of the best music ever to be made!

Of course, London is cool too but just for today, we don’t want to talk about southerners.


Seb Batty, Ricky Davidson, Jay Stone, Lewis Threadgold, Zach Riley, Daryl Horner, Josh Bentley, Sam Parker, Tylar McCaffrey, Max Dos Santos and Nathan Starr.

Die Manchester Episode der The Panoramic Series, gefilmt und geschnitten von Philip Evans und mit Joe Gavin. Präsentiert wird das ganze von Dakine und Carhartt WIP. Den kompletten Artikel dazu findet ihr bei den Kollegen von Lodown.