Tag: Matt Keegan

A wonderful piece of work by one of London’s best active filmers in Sirus F. Gahan. It features a cast of interesting cats (pun intended).


Jamie Platt, Ville Wester, Wes Knowler, Billy Trick, Lloyd Clipston, Conor Charleson, Rich West, Sam Murgatroyd, Val Katz, Joe Paget, Mikey Patrick, Matt Keegan, Alfie Williams, Francis Peters, Zach Riley & Matlok Bennett Jones.

We stumbled across this edit on YouTube and couldn’t stop watching it. Basically it is a documentary of a new generation that is on the come up. Excited to see what is coming next from this young group of skaters and creatives.

Featuring Ben Keegan, Aviv Gez, Enzo Medeiros, Hal Hewetson, Matt Keegan, Jamie Keegan, Sadaaq Yousuf, Davide Cotti, Titas Mackevicius, George Worrall, Sam Long, Joe Long, Sam Matthews, Bobby Smith, Dylan Timmis, Valentine Augé, Tom Seeley, Fred Alexander, Malachy Oneill & Aidan Ostermaier.