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Two weeks ago “Dit is Berlin” started.  Both episode 1 and episode 2 were well received, to say the least, Niels Bennett even made it into the coveted Quartersnacks top 10.

But all things must come to a close, even the good things. Our closing argument for these series features the entire German part of the adidas team. Guys and girls like Tjark Thielker, Phil Anderson, Catherine Marquis, Valeri Rosomako, Eric Erhardt, Daniel Ledermann, Philip Oehmige, Patrick Zentgraf, Sandro Trovato & Jost Arens all skated our city in their own way.

Some even (temporarily) moved here in the process of making this series but all seemed to find their own way. The high spot count and different configurations of certain spots definitely shows what happens when skaters have loads of time and no police to kick you out!

Another highlight for us is Catherine Marquis a.k.a. @Yung_k_t who we featured on our website a while back. It is great to see the /// putting support behind one of Germany’s most promising female prospects and we are waiting to see more of her in the future.

As the series ends would like to thank adidas skateboarding for the support! All the skaters for their input, hard work and sweat. And not to forget Jon Wolf and Torsten Frank who documented it all for your viewing pleasure.  Now go watch the newest and latest episode of “Dit is Berlin”!

Well, what can I say remarkable about Carlos Ribeiro that you don’t already know? Maybe I could just do a little assumption: The Track “Know the Ledge (Juice)” by Eric B. and Rakim was already used in Rob Dyrdek‘s part in the DC Video from 2003. So, if Carlos is not a fan of Rob, they at least seem to share a similar taste in music.

Actually, Devine Calloway would deserve a picture of himself next to the word “easiness” in every customary lexicon. Unfortunately, some years ago Devine suddenly left the spot light for a while. But since lately, we can witness a comeback of the style chief. Recently he also turned pro on Primitive Skateboards. The footage for this great full part was filmed almost a decade ago, but that does not mean that these clips should fall by the wayside because – let’s be honest – Devine’s footage never gets old!