Tag: Nile Gibbs

A brand new offering from the GX1000 crew. Bombing hills in San Francisco never gets boring.

Video by Cody Thompson.

Part of the GX1000 posse left the steep hills of San Francisco, California, to charge through the deep ditches of Las Vegas, Nevada. As usual, Sean Greene gives a hundred percent and just laughs off a slam which could have gone really bad.

It might be a good time to go back and rewatch “Roll Up”.

Filmer Carl Depaolo followed Seattle’s 35th North gang(sters) going wild in the city. Parental Advisory, explict content.

Featuring Brian Sanchez, Sam Cole, David Perry, Joardan Sanchez, Ryan Stangland, Dave Nomellini, Jasper Dohrs, Isaac White, Jacob Tenace, Nile Gibbs, Ian Wishart and Nick Satter.

Thirty Percent by 30 Purse Entertainment in cooperation with 30% presents “Bossmoves”. Well, whatever this nonsense means, this is a really nice clip for sure! Gangster rap alert!

Featuring Griffin Gass and Nile Gibbs.