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A full length skateboarding video out of Portland Oregon. Apparently all the footage was originally lost but found and recovered and then salvaged. We had a lot of fun watching this video and it definitely helps that it comes with a great soundtrack. It looks like the scene in Portland is very cool.

Featuring Anthony Del Togno Armanasco, Emile Laurent, Enzo Kurmaskie, Zeke Overby, Finn Pope, Powell Terrell, and Jasper Grace. Filmed by Ely Alvaro & edited by Bit T.

If you have ever watched any Sk8rats clip you already know what to expect. They unwaveringly keep the classic skate montages alive.

Featuring Danny Hamaguchi, Sean Istaste, Sebo Walker, Shane Auckland, Niels Bennett, Travis Harrison, Brian Baca, Sean Motaghedi and Simon Bannerot.

Sk8rats always come along with a good tune accompanying their edits. While Sebo Walker and the rest of the crew are still mostly using their tail to pop into tricks, Cory Kennedy tries to do this as few as possible, consequently increasing his slappy grind skills to another level of insanity.

Featuring Zach Reinhardt, Travis Harrison, Ethan Anderson, Jake Shumaker, Brian Baca, Sean Istaste, Sebo Walker, Evan Berle, Cory Kennedy and Adian Hamilton.

Unverhofft kommt oft – so auch dieser Full Part von Sebo Walker für das hierzulande relativ unbekannte Klamottenlabel Gracias LA. Fünf Tricks, die diesen Part so sehenswert machen:

– der unmögliche No Comply in der ersten Line
– der Nollie Flip im Flat am Macba
– die Manual Combo am Parallel
– der Nollie Caballerial im Bowl
– der FS Nollie am Tripleset

1 – Trying to imagine a motorcycle trip through one of the most exotic countries in the world, one would usually think of palm trees, lots of sun, friends, plenty of speed and a warm breeze brushing back one’s hair. None of which existed on a day towards the end of January 2012 when Michael Mackrodt, Jerry Hsu, Javier Mendizabel, Keegan Sauder, Joey Pepper and Jonathan Mehring left the capital city of Hanoi, embarking on a two-week trip that saw them travel more than 2,000 kilometers.

A very slight drizzle turned into heavy rain that lasted for hours, making everything wet and leading to misery when our bodies and hands were freezing from the cold wind. Not to mention getting lost, Jerry slamming, not finding food because it was Vietnamese New Year’s Day – it goes without saying that this day was a pretty miserable one. But waking up the next morning and putting back on my wet pants and shoes was probably even worse.

2 – When a couple of things go wrong in no more than 24 hours, it usually makes for a pretty shitty day. So when three non-related people tried to hurt us and hunt us down within said time span, it was worse than anything I could have imagined: This random day began in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar, with a taxi driver wanting to beat us all up if we didn’t give him five dollars each.

Having managed to escape the situation, an older woman at the train station viciously started throwing rocks at us. And to top things off, a drunk Mongolian climbed up to the third floor of our hostel and broke the balcony windows, trying to steal things in our room, but when film maker Anthony Claravall turned on the lights, he jumped from one balcony to the next and took off. Welcome to Mongolia!

To be honest though, I was accompanied by nine Chinese dudes (Converse team), who are not really welcomed by the natives, which is hardly surprising: after all, they built that Great Wall to keep the Mongolians out…

3 – On most long-distance trains in China you can find cabins labeled as “sleeping class”, “sitting class”, and – a popular alternative for anyone trying to save some bucks, at least if you don’t mind standing on two feet – “standing class”. On a Trans-Siberian trip from Moscow to Hong Kong, we found ourselves almost towards the end in Beijing with only a couple days left until our next destination, Xi’an.

We were all pretty shocked when we heard that we were supposed to stand on that train for 13 hours. On the actual night of our departure, half the crew bailed out and took a plane or stayed longer in Beijing, but Laurence Keefe, Kirill Korobkov, Daniel Hochman and myself took it upon ourselves to see how shitty one would feel after this experience.

I can’t really describe it, but after 13 hours of standing with a couple hours of painful kneeling between the aisles (which was almost worse than standing), both Daniel and I caught the flu, babies shat all over the ground and my body felt like the biggest pile of shit ever. “Never again will I stand again,” or some such thing I told myself after that.

4 – You know it’s not your day when you are in survival mode thinking, “If I collapse right here, right now, I might just perish amongst a million Hindus and no one will ever know.” In early 2013, the world had its biggest gathering of human beings along the Ganges in India for the ‘Kumbh Mela’, which is held every 12 years.

During an eight-week period more than 130 million people pilgrimaged to bathe in the Ganges, amongst them Mark Suicu, Sebo Walker, Nestor Judkins, Sean Malto, Jon Mehring and myself. Of course once again half the crew caught the flu and were out under the most stressful circumstances, with loudspeakers blaring 24-hour prayers at maximum volume and a flooding tin shack falling apart.

Since this festival is on only every 12 years, we had no choice but to wake up at four in the morning to witness the finale of all the sadhus and gurus bathing. My head was spinning and we had to walk some three or four hours to get to the river and back; during the walk back I felt so weak I was contemplating just passing out amongst millions of people, but the desire to keep on living was stronger. Not planning to go see the biggest gathering of humans ever again.

5 – I have had a couple bus rides in Indonesia and Sri Lanka where I told myself I would never ever enter a vehicle again, but when traveling from the Iranian/Azerbaijani border to Baku in a Mercedes-Benz alongside Michael Mackrodt, I didn’t think anything could go wrong in this equation. Well, I was wrong.

This might not have been the worst day, but probably the most intense and annoying transit. Our Azerbaijani driver of course didn’t speak English and then he picked up this random lady, which was already a bit annoying since we had paid for the entire car. To make things even worse, she asked the driver to stop by her house so she could pick up her baby. After a good 30 minutes she showed up again with a ten-year-old boy who wore ridiculously thick glasses and a suit. At this point Michael and I were pretty pissed off, but we were also glad to finally hit the road.

Minutes later we realized that we were in for an intense ride, seeing how the driver turned the Azerbaijani coastal roads along the Caspian Sea into a Formula 1 racing track, with speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour at times. I was stuck in the back with the lady and the boy, while she was telling the driver stories in Azerbaijani, non-stop for over two hours. By non-stop I really mean non-stop, there was no silence.

Even when a car in front of us hit a cow and we saw this huge creature sliding down the street on its back, she still kept on talking. I was wishing she could just somehow shut up… and since she obviously had photosensitive epilepsy, a few minutes later she had a seizure: There was foam coming out of her mouth, and so the driver immediately stopped and gave her some Fanta.

It was scary, I didn’t wish for her to die, all I wanted was some quiet for a minute. She was shook up for a while, but of course soon she started talking again. So that cow sliding on its back, that lady with a seizure, that insane driving – I mean I don’t see Michael Mackrodt scared too often, but we both felt quite relieved when we arrived in Baku in one piece.

Dieser Beitrag von Patrik Wallner findet sich in unserer Jubiläumsausgabe, die du hier bestellen kannst.

Name-Dropping: Daniel Espinoza, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker, Vincent Alvarez, James Capps, Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen und Sylvan Tognelli. Das sind ganz schön viele professionelle Skater in einem Clip. Dazu kommt, dass diese im vergangenen Sommer das europäische Festland und die britischen Inseln besucht haben.

Das internationale Lakai Team begibt sich nächsten Monat auf Tour durch Europa – mit dabei sind Rick Howard, Vincent Alvarez, Riley Hawk, Stevie Perez, Daniel Espinoza, Jesus Fernandez, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Sebo Walker, Sylvain Tognelli und Jon Sciano: Das ist mal ein Lineup! in Deutschland wird in Hamburg und Köln Station gemacht, ob das deutsche Lakai Team bei den Stops mit von der Partie sein wird ist noch unbekannt…

17. September – Hamburg
Signing: 16 Uhr bei Mantis
Demo: 18 Uhr im I-Punkt SkateLand

19. September – Köln
Signing: 16 Uhr bei Pivot
Demo: 18 Uhr im Lentpark

Gestern hatten wir das englische Lakai Team beim Schuhtest, heute sind die Pros aus Übersee an der Reihe. Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Daniel Espinoza, Sebo Walker und Jon Sciano waren im Sonnenstaat Florida auf Tour und haben das Flaridians Feature mitgebracht.

Levi’s Skateboarding präsentiert die neue Spring/Summer Collection 2014: Josh Matthews und Sebo Walker machen im Videolookbook mit ein paar Freunden die Nacht zum Tag und haben sichtlich Spaß bei ihrer Nightsession in der Bay Area. Einen Gastauftritt hat übrigens der Rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien

Wenn du in einem Van neben dem Stoner Skatepark lebst, wirst du wahrscheinlich trotzdem nicht so skaten können wie Lakai Footwear Teamfahrer Sebo Walker. Dieser Herr ist mit einem besonderen Talent ausgestattet worden, was ihn aber nicht davon abhält, weiterhin in dem Van neben dem Park zu leben. Ein Glück, dass der Winter in L.A. vergleichbar mit unserem Sommer ist.

Patrick Wallners Gurus In The Ganges kommt mit Teil drei und schliesst damit die erfolgreiche Dokumentation über einen Indien Trip, welcher für einige Teilnehmer eine Horizonterweiterung bedeutete; mit dabei sind Sean Malto, Mark Suciu, Nestor Judkins, Sebo Walker und 30 Mio. Menschen.