Tag: Jasper Grace

A full length skateboarding video out of Portland Oregon. Apparently all the footage was originally lost but found and recovered and then salvaged. We had a lot of fun watching this video and it definitely helps that it comes with a great soundtrack. It looks like the scene in Portland is very cool.

Featuring Anthony Del Togno Armanasco, Emile Laurent, Enzo Kurmaskie, Zeke Overby, Finn Pope, Powell Terrell, and Jasper Grace. Filmed by Ely Alvaro & edited by Bit T.

A little treat out of the upper west coast, specifically Portland Oregon. the whole thing was filmed and edited by Ely Avaro and it features:

Emile Laurent, Enzo Kurmaskie, Jasper Grace, Lewis Blond, Luke Willoughby, Zeke Overby, Robert Moisiuc, Powell Terrell and Anthony Del Togno Armanasco.