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Thanks to one of our Place Presents contributors Christian Sanchez we got to see this very nice video by his friend Colton Trecker from Dallas, Texas. Christian even has a sick part in this video. We suggest everyone who is into skating crusty spots to watch this. The VX makes it look even rougher.

Featuring Connor Crist, Eric Gilley, Christian Sanchez, Daniel Rozenberg, Ryker Frenzel, Cody Moore, Matthew Martin, Darion Thompson, Andrew Powers, and more.

Most people wouldn’t use older footage because they don’t like their skating or their outfits anymore but we think it’s better to release it rather than let disappear on a hard drive. Luckily Nicolas Marti is still down to collect footage over a longer time period and managed to bless us with a new 37-minute long video. We love the chill vibe of this one!

A new one out of Dallas.

What I like most about this edit is the quality of the tricks. Usually tour clips feature mostly B footage because the skaters, of course, want to save the best shots for something more serious. But this one is different. At the end, I felt like I just watched a solid part of a full length, which is quite nice and makes this one very worth watching!

Featuring: Neen Williams, Frankie Heck, Ryan Lay, Chris Wimer, John Dilo, Daniel Dubois, Demarquis Mcdaniels, and Ryan Townley.

What the heck? Genau das fragt man sich wenn Frankie Heck in daPlaygrounds Tricks wie Bs Flip to sw bs Smithgrind macht. Guckst du!

Was ist jetzt mit Zoo York los? Erst totgesagt, aufgekauft, alle raus usw. Jetzt kommt ein Trailer für ein neues Video. Spannend.

Wenn ihr mal abchecken wollt, wie unsere dänischen Nachbarn skaten müssen, um für DC Shoes zu fahren, checkt einfach den Jahresclip des Teams. Siedelst du jetzt über?

Dave Bachinsky und Manny Santiago haben eine Menge Fun bei ihren Back to Back Tricks. Und das Niveau ist sowieso unglaublich hoch.

Die Gang um SK858 widmet diesen Clip dem Klassiker unter den Skateboardvideokameras – Der VX 1000. Pay some respect!