Tag: Austin Amelio

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead and you always wanted to see Dwight getting sucker punched in the face, here is your chance. Roger Skate Co. just released their latest edit “Sucker Punch” and it is full of entertainment.

Featuring Cosmo Martinez-Glenn, David Langston, Max Taylor, Ryan Thompson, Brian Gonterman, Max Jang, Marshall Manual, Reese Barton and fresh professionals Young & Austin Amelio.

Film & edit by Calvin Millar and Max Taylor.

Most people wouldn’t use older footage because they don’t like their skating or their outfits anymore but we think it’s better to release it rather than let disappear on a hard drive. Luckily Nicolas Marti is still down to collect footage over a longer time period and managed to bless us with a new 37-minute long video. We love the chill vibe of this one!