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Even though R.B. Umali is from Texas he is still very much New York to us. He is, in fact, responsible for filming a lot of the best skateboarding and skateboarders to ever come out of the big apple.
This video is all the proof you need. Enjoy!

What is open and what is closed? Surely we as skaters know how to walk that tightrope between what is open (for the moment) and what is not, even though the banks were never “ours” to begin with we certainly created a space (and a claim) for ourselves there.

Read up on the status of the banks by clicking the link bellow and we suggest you also write a letter because the Southbank campaign showed us there is always strength in numbers.

Click here to read the article.

Write that goddamned letter.

Von TWS gibt es ab heute den R.B Umali Part aus dem Video “Cinematographer Project” für umme. Da guckt man gern zwei mal.

Louie Lopez, der kleine Volcom Ripper teased uns an für einen neuen Part von ihm. Und allein das ist schon heavy metal roll away Footy.

Wenn Andrew Reynolds a.k.a The Boss redet bist du lieber still und hörst gut zu. Besonders, wenn es um das neue Baker Video geht. Oha.