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Spirit Quest was one of the best videos of the last 10 years and we feel like that there is not enough talk about the greatness of Taylor Nawrocki’s section in that video. With a lot of good choices in trick selection and little details, Colin & Taylor created something that will last longer than the average. Here you have the two chat about the project.

If you haven’t watched his section yet, now it is your time:

Sometimes we prefer to watch an entire video at once and Spirit Quest is such a video. To understand Colin Read’s vision you need the full picture but to understand and appreciate the level of skating in this video we needed separate parts.

Hiroki Muraoka truly delivered but did not get the shine that he deserved before but with this online release he gets another day in the spotlight.

There is a border where creative skating becomes boring! To explain this idea we will use this analogy, some skaters are part skaters, others look great as a guest but not as good in a part. That doesn’t mean that they are not good skateboarders it just means that their magic works best in bursts. The same goes for these two parts, they both stand out way more on their own than in the full video where they sort of got lost in the whole.

A must watch even if you are not into the style of editing or music, simply because Vincent Touzery is one of the more interesting skaters to watch. Don’t hesitate to enter the Colin Read’s jungle, open your mind and come out with some new perspectives on the documentation and representation of skateboarding.

Well, I got lucky enough to put my hands on a copy of Colin Read‘s exceptional video “Spirit Quest” that through wonderfully confusing filming and editing techniques carries off the viewer into a bizarr world of wild souls and spirts. Taylor Nawrocki‘s part is definitely one of my favorites from the video, but still only shows a very brief insight into Colin Read‘s extraordinary project.