Tag: Stanley Pradel

The future is looking pretty bright. A new one out of Paris, France by Sebastian Cao & Theodor Meas showcasing their first HD video.

The film features Jerome Sossou, Cyril Deschamps, Malo Simonet, Abel Leblanc, Simon Souchois, Adrien Caro, Lucas Languasco, Stanley Pradel, Tom Abord, Donatien Simon, Maceo Moreau, Victor Campilo, Kevin Ozcan, Ibrahim Sissoko & Theo and Seb themself. All the animations by Theo.

What do we have to say about Yardsale’s YS 2? Bear Myles, Stanley Pradel, & Jake Church that is about all we have to say. 1 Question left, what stance is Stanley? We couldn’t figure it out.