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We have met Victor Campillo just a few weeks ago in Paris for an Quotamine article for the upcoming issue and he is the nicest guy. Always on the phone, always shirtless and always tech.

How dope looks Marseille?

The dictionary says a collective is a group of people willing to work together, and it seems Marseille was the common goal. Tom Botwid and his team worked very hard and ended up with 9 minutes of footage, impressive to say the least!

These are not your usual suspects either, the collective is undergoing some changes lately, and the effect of those changes can be seen in this edit, so press play.

The French Emerica team went on a trip to Marseille and took Rémy Barreyat with them to film this clip.

“Demonomania” features Alex Richard, PJ Chapuis, Etienne Gros, Olivier Boucle and Matisse Banc.

The Coma video is a Marseille-based project by Thomas Grech and Joseph Posch, the video has a diamond in the rough type of quality to it. And the bottom line is after the Tarte Au Citron video it is nice to see the locals skate their own city.

Our friends over at Grey Magazine ventured out to Marseille and shot a video and a special magazine over in the French harbor town. It features some of our favorites like Doudou and Mr. Tognelli the latter found a once in a lifetime type of spot to do a trick almost every skater would like to do at least once. Check out the video and go out and skate.

Featuring Mike Arnold, Matlok Bennett-Jones Edouard Depaz, Sylvain Tognelli and Juan Virues.

“Bowlskaten ist doch nur was für die alten Herren” hieß es vor langer Zeit einmal – den Gegenbeweis treten seit einiger Zeit unter anderem Fernando Bramsmark, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Julien Benoliel und Jacopo Carozzi an: Und das auf ziemlich beeindruckende Art und Weise. In diesem Clip, gefilmt und geschnitten von Boris Proust, machen sich die vier jungen Herrschaften auf die Reise vom italienischen Bologna ins französische Marseille und zerstören dabei ungefähr alles, was eine Transition hat.