Tag: Matisse Banc

“Countdown” is the first video from the recently founded brand Farside out of Barcelona and it features Pol Catena, Ebou Sanyang, Sergi “Buchi”, Victor Gracia, Nico Cook, and many more. That’s how you start strong!

Filmed and edited by Nico Cook.

One never knows if kids these days were being ironic in using Jerry Hsu’s famed ender song for his Bag Of Suck part or if they were just oblivious to it.

But besides that, we are excited to mostly unseen spots, young skaters doing some cool tricks and an overall nice videographic result.

Two middle fingers up while rolling away is the typical gesture of Frenchman Matisse Banc with which he expresses the relief after every hard earned trick. Incidentally, I recently had the chance to see him skate in real life during my stay in Bordeaux, which is probably even more impressing than on video. But anyways, here are 11 minutes of raw material that wait to be watched by you!