When we first saw this part, we got hungry, very hungry, instead of wanting to go out and skate, Victor Cascarigny’s footage made us go out for a bowl of ramen. Fun fact, the actual concept for this video part came when Jérémie Daclin told Victor that he was going pro. Victor actually managed to kick-turned his way into his very own FILM truck. So instead of doing the standard thing, Victor went all out and created a very personal homage to the anime and food culture of Japan. Read more about the how, why, and with whom, below.

Intro & Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Film & edit by Bastien Regeste.
Recipe & Music by Victor Cascarigny.

Before we get into Victor’s hot and spicy recipe, we felt it would be nice to get into some of the specifics behind this video. First of all, Victor and Bastien Regeste filmed it in 3 days, which, if you look at the quality of the part, is an amazing result. Secondly, it all started with Jérémie wanting an insta-clip, but instead, Victor decided that he wanted more and called his friend Martin Laborie (who he started skating with) to help him do it. Finally, add Ben Koppl and a recipe for a solid video had been put together! Lastly, Victor asked us to mention that he created the music for this part himself. Which we love! And for all you anime fans out there he dropped some hints in there for you to find, so nerd out! Now on to the recipe:

Victor’s FILM truck ramen bowl recipe:

Start with 300ml of hot water
Add 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
And 1 tablespoon of Chinese chicken stock powder
After that grate a pinch of ginger and put it in your pot
Now add 1 tablespoon of miso paste
And add Garlic (as much as you like)
Finally, top it off by throwing in 1 tablespoon of lard.

*After that, you can add the noodles and for the creatives, add any of your favorite toppings to finish your ramen bowl off.


“Ever since I was a child (even before I started skateboarding) I have been in love with Japanese culture. I was always reading mangas (comics) like Dragon Ball, Death Note, Naruto, etc…
So, I decided I should go to Japan. Once I arrived, I immediately fell in love with the food over there, especially their ramen Bowls. After that trip, I came back to France and I have been trying to cook my own ramen. This led me to create a lot of really bad bowls but, recently I finally found a good solid recipe.”

Victor Cascarigny