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Mess Skate Mag released a new sick Breana Geering part for Spitfire Wheels. How do you call that last trick?

We have been aware of him for some time but his appearance in the last Lotties video really took him Florida Man to one to watch.

Yesterday Magnus today Lotties, #trendwatch 2018 continuing the video after the credits have rolled.

Is this a homage to old Girl videos like Mouse and Yeah Right where the credits where a force to be reconned with?
Who knows, who cares, when we get new Reynolds, Hsu, Brady, Spanky, Allen and a “full part” by Dane Barker

No Spitfire video yet but a slew of parts have come out and this one has it’s moments. The only real problem one could have is that Louie makes it all look too easy.

This new full part does not only show Dennis Busenitz rushing through San Francisco but also several always welcome guest appearances. Especially Marc Johnson ensures some moments of enthusiasm.