10 years is a long time to stay hot… most things don’t even stay hot for 10 minutes let alone an hour, you would need a thermo-can to keep that temperature up. “Soo Hot Right Now” has done just that, stay hot for a whole decade and that shit isn’t arbitrary. Munich’s most dangerous skate shop hit a bump in the road recently with the loss of the famous Klenzestrasse location. Word on the street though is that they will be back (fingers crossed). To celebrate these 10 rotations around the sun, we spoke to Simon a.k.a. Esel one of the owners of the shop, and Julian Lopez, the person who filmed this video. Enjoy.

Text & Interview by Roland Hoogwater.

Film & Edit by Julian Lopez.

All photos by Conny Mirbach.

Alright Julian we know each other so no pleasantries, why does this edit exist?

It started when we made that trip to Berlin, where none of the Berlin team showed up besides Leon (laughs).

And Michi, he showed up.

True, so after that, I actually went to Barca and filmed Jan, went to Munich, and after that, we collected some footy from other filmers and I made this edit.

So what are your favorite tricks in this edit?

Jan Hoffmann’s Switch Bigspin the Doubleset with the quick Nollie Backside 180 down the curb, was a nice spontaneous thing. Another one is Leon Charo-Tite’s Noseblunt and Paul Zenner’s boardslide.

Esel what are yours?

Number 1, all of the riders (laughs), Paulie’s boardslide, the Noseblunt… but Michi Rockl in general was a highlight for me, I didn’t know he had that much footage. He comes into the shop every day and I still wasn’t aware that he put it down like that. He knows I feel that way too!

Actually, the highlight for me is the fact that we have such a banging clip. Julian said it would be a little video so when I saw it was 9 minutes I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. The music selection is excellent.

Did you film this all yourself Julian?

No, I think there are 12 other people that gave us footage to make this project what it is. I am grateful to them.

Esel, with the shop turning 10, is SHRN still the most dangerous skate shop in the world?

Because we have to leave our trademark Klenzestrasse location in 4 weeks’ time, we are probably the most emotional skate shop in the world right now. We were never really dangerous unless you came into the shop and we had a hangover (laughs).

In all seriousness, I was 28 when we started the shop, I just celebrated 38… I remember quitting my old job in the previous local skate shop and talking to Robinson (co-owner of SHRN), I asked him for a job because he has multiple businesses. I worked in his bar for a bit, then I worked in a nightclub… at some point, Robinson came to me and said “Why don’t we just open our own skate shop?”. People said it was a bad time to open one then and they still say that now but we have been around for 10 years… I will say that our third-party Daniel, works in online retail and so when we three went to open the shop he set us up with a well-oiled online part of the business next to the brick-and-mortar store.

“I say this every year but 2023 is going to be my skateboard comeback!”

Esel, SHRN, 2023

So, after you found out you would get kicked out of your current location what happened?

We were stressed but maybe when you are reading this we have some good news, I don’t want to jinx it, nothing is final but the prospect is positive.

SHRN is famous for having a large team, how did that happen?

Let me start by saying that I am super proud of the way we got that team to be so big. Each and every one of them came to us in an organic way. It was never us chasing people or taking them on because it would give SHRN shine. We got to know every single one of them before we put them on and even if you don’t skate anymore you won’t get kicked off, it is a family thing. But yeah, I don’t think there is any skate shop out there with a team as large as ours.

That is why we got Julian to manage the team, it is too big for us to manage at the same time as managing the shop.

SHRN is also a shop that makes a lot of its own products and collaborations with others, Is anything coming on that front?

I always like to call our clothes and products merch like it was a band. Because of the insecurity around the shop, we put a lot of the projects on hold but there will be an announcement shortly.

Esel let me ask you an important question, when is the last time you skated?

This year once…wait actual tricks, last year. Actually, Robinson, who is the oldest skater out of the three is the only one still actively skating. But he has a couple of kids that love to skate so that motivates him, I am in the shop most days, and skateboarding is in my life 24/7 so at times I want to do non-skate things as well.

I say this every year but 2023 is going to be my skateboard comeback!

Ok cut! End quote this interview is over!