With this being a rather conceptual video we see it fit to post the Russian skateboard brand’s artist statement with this one:

The quote “skateboarding – the path to the social bottom” has remained one of our central themes for several years now. When we learned that Russia has the city of Dno, we immediately decided to visit it. Here a certain irony came together, and a pun, and our love for experimental skateboarding, where it had never happened before. The bottom is a very small city in the Pskov region, but a large railway junction. There are practically no conditions for skateboarding and even asphalt pavement is far from everywhere. Over the course of two days, we entertained ourselves in the Day as best we could (it is just such an excuse to use with the name of this city), mixing skateboarding with absurdity, and, even, we met one single local skater. Probably everyone has their own bottom, we saw him like that.