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OKTYABR has been great for the Moscow scene, it is the hub that the scene seemed to lack before.

All your favorite teams from all over the world check in with the shop to find their way through the city and to the many spots.

All in all Pascha the Hook made a very nice video featuring some of the best people and if you look closely even our own staff makes an appearance in this promo.


Tolya Titaev, Cambryan Sedlick, Gosha Konyshev, Igor Smirnov, Max Kruglov, Alexei Krasniy & many more.

With this being a rather conceptual video we see it fit to post the Russian skateboard brand’s artist statement with this one:

The quote “skateboarding – the path to the social bottom” has remained one of our central themes for several years now. When we learned that Russia has the city of Dno, we immediately decided to visit it. Here a certain irony came together, and a pun, and our love for experimental skateboarding, where it had never happened before. The bottom is a very small city in the Pskov region, but a large railway junction. There are practically no conditions for skateboarding and even asphalt pavement is far from everywhere. Over the course of two days, we entertained ourselves in the Day as best we could (it is just such an excuse to use with the name of this city), mixing skateboarding with absurdity, and, even, we met one single local skater. Probably everyone has their own bottom, we saw him like that.

You might have heard that we are big fans of the Absurd Skateboards videos from Moscow. For the latest one, they went to Sochi, a city that isn’t strange to us either. This time they brought Phil Zwijsen along as a special guest.

“It was closer than Barcelona and cheaper than California.”

Feat.: Gosha Konyshev, Pasha Kuznetsov, Dima Rodionov, Phillpp and Dilip Kharel, Vova Pavlov, Victor Terentyev, Tolya Titaev, Phil Zwijsen and Leo Lukin.

When Russian hero, general skateboard aficionado, world traveller and good friend of the staff, Kirill Korobkov hit us with the message that the new Absurd Skateboard video was out he gave us so much information that he basically did our job for us.

“When Russian people mention vacation time by the sea they usually mean the Black Sea. It’s understandable because all the major sea resorts, the best Russian beaches and main seaports are all located on the coast of the Black Sea. But in fact, Russia also has an access to another sea, a southern one called the Azov Sea. It is way smaller, not as scenic as the Black Sea and its coastline isn’t as well developed. The Sea of Azov is one of the smallest and the shallowest seas in the world. The Absurd team explored cities around the Azov region and got a full-on Russian experience mixed with very special local vibes.”

Now to be honest that tell’s you everything you need to know except for the fact that the clip is hosted by a pirate/captain with a full gold set of teeth. Simply amazing, Enjoy!

Carhartt and Absurd Skateboards never disappoint. Good one, guys.

“Over a three week period in 2016, the crew – which consisted of skaters from both Carhartt WIP and Russian brand Absurd Skateboards – journeyed over 6000 km, exploring the vibrant cities, vast countryside and burgeoning skate scenes of the world’s largest country.

O3EPO, which translates to ‘lake’ in Russian, features Carhartt WIP skaters Igor Fardin, Felipe Bartolomé and Joseph Biais, alongside Absurd’s Tolia Titaev and Gosha Konyshev.

Packed into two small cars, the assembled team made it through five time zones, one hundred different skate spots and multiple bottles of local vodka. The grueling journey was captured by videographer Anton Beliaev and photographer Alexey Lapin, with the assistance of Kirill Korobkov.”

Our friends over in Russia have their own thing going own, they have their own companies, with their own look and style, plus they have their own media to cover them. Asphalt magazine was started by our good friend and “collaborateur” Alexey Lapin. And even though they have everything they need every once in while they take the opportunity to escape Russia’s winter and fly somewhere sunny to skate.

It is definetely no secret that we are big fans of Absurd Skateboards and their videos and yet there is another one from Russia’s finest board brand. This video features Gosha Konyshev, Dima Rodionov, Vova Pavlov, Philipp and others skating a region around Moscow known as “The Golden Ring”. Filmed and edited by our friend Barabakaa:

Part two of Patrick wallner’s (and crew) trip through the Caucasus takes us further into some of the most beautiful and romantic alleyways of the world. Not only does it look good it seems like you can skate it pretty well to!

Photo by Alexey Lapin a.k.a. @lapinotomy

Patrick Wallner and Red Bull are at it again, this time they took some Americans, a Latvian, a Brit and some of our favorite Russian people into the Caucasus mountains. From the stories we have been told this was a crazy trip in which Pat Duffy proved once again why he deserves the title legend.

Photo by Alexey Lapin a.k.a. @lapinotomy

Des Öfteren hört man von russischen Skatern, welche völlig gnadenlos auf lockere und lose Geländer springen. Darauf reduzieren sollte man sie trotzdem nicht, denn Gosha Konyshev zeigt Kreativität und Balance, welche man bei langen Rails natürlich auch benötigt. Der erste Thrasher Part eines Russen hat es in sich!

Der neuste Geniestreich von Kameramann Patrik Wallner heisst “Meet the Stans”. Eine super gefilmte und interessante Dokumentation über die Reise durch Zentralasien auf der Suche nach Spots und Abenteuern. Um genau zu sein geht es durch Kasachstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgistan, China und Afghanistan. Die Gästeliste auf dem Trip macht den Film mehr als sehenswert: Dave Bachinsky, Jimmy McDonald, Laurence Keefe, Dan Zvereff, Stas Provotorov, Gosha Konyshev, Walker Ryan, Kenny Reed und Michael Mackrodt. Ein sehr gelungenes Stück Skateboardgechichte in unbekannten Ländern. Reinziehpflicht!