Low key, Cobe Harmer has been featured on our site and on our gram multiple times. We first got to know him through Sam Greenwood, who formed somewhat of a bridge between Salt Lake City and Atlanta, Georgia. Cobe has always had a bit of a special shine to him, from his trick selection to his spot selection, and now knowing his work ethic, yeah, that as well! So, instead of talking out of our asses the whole time, we asked the man himself to put down a few words for you to get to know him by. Enjoy!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Text by Cobe Harmer.

Film & Edit by Mac Berg.

This part was filmed by Mac Berg my really good homie from Salt Lake City, Utah. He premiered recently “Magnum Opus” his full length in Salt Lake City. He had been working on the project for two years and asked me to fly to SLC to get some homie clips in it 2 months before the premiere.  So I bought a ticket immediately and scheduled to stay for 10 days. The original plan was, to just get a couple of cool clips for the video. But when I got there, I had such a boost of energy to film and Mac was down every second of each day to go and stack clips. So, somehow we ended up, making a whole part together in that small window of time (laughs). It was super fun seeing the end results but mannnnnnnn my body was deaddddd on that 10th day (laughs). Mac is definitely one of the most talented VX filmers there is and he deserves a huge S/O! If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today with my skating. Best energy and human all around, thank you Mac! 

Cobe Harmer