Sooooo… as you might be aware of at this moment we are entering another surge in COVID 19 and a big portion of us are heading back into a lockdown type of situation. Our last “Eat Your Veggies” was with Ville Wester and that was at the start of the first lockdown. We are looking to make this a series with more coming soon. But we are not looking to make the connection to lockdowns a tradition.

Anyway, just a short introduction to Turtle Productions. They hail from Austria, Vienna in particular. We learned about them during their Turtle Times run and interviewed the head Turtle named Lucas Jankoschek as well. This then leads down to us visiting them in Vienna and finally now this episode E.Y.V.

We made the most of the end of summer vibe we all had, going out to this old-school Concrete Rudolph park and finding out what we had for some of the creative weirdness that these parks often bring.

So, he we go the Jankoschek twins and Gab in our newest “Eat Your Veggies”.

Revisit your Turtles by re-watching Episode 4 of their Turtle Times Series.