Text by Louis Marschall.

Filmed and edited by Eetu Lilja.

We have all heard that the Finnish winter is dark and long, so it only makes sense that they have nice indoor spaces to skate. This is especially true for the one in Helsinki, Finland. This specific park caught our attention because it looks like it’s located deep down inside a cave. Now – after filming this – we know, it is. This facility happens to be the local of two of our friends – Kusti Kauppinen and Olli Lilja. For a bit there, the last question plaguing this EYV was the filming but Olli’s brother Eetu was so kind to travel to Helsinki and film the video of his brother and their friends during a classic Finnish winter day session. So welcome back to our Eat Your Veggies series and remember – in winter it’s even more important to eat your veggies ;).