Welcome back, today we are not going to waste too many words but instead tell you that you will be watching something quite special. From the eyes of Wesley Banford who brought us the visually pleasing video called  HOLO— now comes something new… Fugitive Light. A wonderful piece of video art featuring some of our favorite skaters like Ryan Lay and favorite Youtubers like Gifted Hater a.k.a. Joa Field alike. Orange County a.k.a. the OC has a lot to offer besides Ryan, Marissa & Summer.

Anyway, if you want to see more work by Wesley click here but if you like the crew then maybe stay a bit longer and check out Ariana Mamnoom’s Lucky as well! All in All, one can only be happy about collaborations like these, and we hope to be able to show you much more from both Wesley Banford, Ariana, & the others in this project!


Logan Bonner, Joa Field, Myles de Courcy, Jake Cortez, Justice Lora, Duncan Byrnes, Ryan Lay, Alex Tennison, Noah Fayyazuddin, Ryan Kennedy, Ariana Mamnoon, Chuck Cuevas, Kalman Ocheltree,