It feels good to be a magazine maker, especially when you receive letters by fans saying you are awesome, you have the best photos and an amazing layout. But, stop! Do you know what feels even better in a time where people are only begging for “likes” all day? It’s receiving hate. It feels fantastic and we’re unbelievably stoked how much effort our newest favorite hater put into his latest letter! Let’s take a look inside the envelope that landed in our mailbox the other day:

1. PLACE issue 53 tattered – Well done! Just wondering if the anonymous hater ripped the whole issue into one piece with his hands like the dudes who are famous for ripping telephone books for world records.

2. Drawings – “Oh no, it’s a PLACE!” “Make sure to have an abortion.” “Fuck English, fuck Berlin,” accompanied by hearts and many penises. Very creative! We never thought of giving birth to a penis-PLACE but maybe we should ask female Swiss artist Milo Moiré to do a live performance in one of our upcoming exhibitions.

3. Photos of a dog – Obviously, the hater’s pet looks sad. He should at least show a little bit of love for his dog, he deserves it.

4. Dead flies – The only thing that really concerns us. If the hater killed the flies just for sending over some voodoo shit, that’s really creepy. Otherwise, pimping up a hate letter with stupid things that lay around is okay.

It’s an inevitable fact that hate poisons your life on a regular basis. Hate is a feeling of extreme antipathy and refusal and comes to someone through a deep mental violation. It’s a feeling of being totally helpless and insensible, probably caused by the break-up of a relationship, and a situation where someone feels not being loved, but filled with bitterness. Usually, hate has very negative influences on our mental state, and also on our body.

Surprisingly, after opening the hater’s envelope a feeling of being alive ensued. Our heart was bumping and adrenaline flowing. Most of all, we now know that we’re doing it right because this is a real life example of how people deal with PLACE and have their own thoughts about it. This is something that means a lot to us because we’re not just trying to present the latest happenings in the wide world of skateboarding and put them in a PLACE frame. But it matters because we try to add our own commentary; to spread some words on the streets…

Make sure to send letters to:

Revaler Str. 99
10245 Berlin

Benni Markstein