We haven’t done this feature in a while, and we did not ever do it before last time but this is not a feature that we can do with everybody. Why? because Quartersnacks already has a really good Five Favorite Parts feature and we don’t feel like we need to do the same. But every now and then the right person will pop up and start showing us some skateboarding that drops our jaw (for whatever reason). Hugo Maillard did just that and that is why we present to you our second installment of Hot Picks With… (formerly known as Pop Picks With…). Enjoy!

One of the first things Hugo told me when I met him was about the Fancy Lad crew so it is only logical to start it off with Mr. Fiske himself.

Another orange themed Fancy Lad and as for this pick, the cherry on top is at the very end.

Not skateboarding but still skating.

To use a Ride Channel style tagline “Did he move it to the right after the video?”

Joe Moore is a favorite of this series and a true inspiration to us all.