We are out in Amsterdam working on our new issue and we ended up hanging out with two of Pop Trading Company’s own, Alex Raeymakers and Mats Edel. Most of you know how it goes you hang out, drink a beer and soon enough you switch from playing music to watching skating on Youtube. Alex and Mats definitely have an interesting taste when it comes to their go to’s on Youtube. So for this one-time column, we asked them to show their top picks and trust us when we say that it is worth it to watch them all! You might learn a thing or two.

Freestyle Marco is a showman you can actually book, go to his website it won’t be hard to find.

The Destroyer!

The Gapman has us second guessing what counts as a make.

This guy just doesn’t stop.

Just that Ollie to Pogo makes this one a must watch!

Mack is still very well known around the world for toasting some of Germany’s biggest rails.