If skateboarding would own a Hall Of Fame, I am pretty sure skateboardings very own MJ – Marc Johnson – would be one of the first guys that would get the privilege of being included. Undoubted, he has been an idol for an uncountable number of skateboarders out there and influenced the way in which skateboarding developed until today. For those who wonder if there could be something like an MJ’s favorite or someone to whom a legend like him is looking up to – Well, there might be at least one: Bobby Puleo.

“There is skateboarding. Then there’s knowing how to skateboard. Two completely different things. I wish I could skate like this. There is only one Bobby Puleo.” – Marc Johnson

Bobby Puleo – Mad Circle “5 Flavors”

Bobby Puleo – La Luz

Bobby Puleo Infamous Video Part

Bobby Puleo – Static 2

Bobby Puleo – FTC Penal Code