Crawley, The South of England is not only the hometown of The Cure‘s Robert Smith but also a very dark and sad place, how coincidental you might think!? We have seen loads of edits from London, Manchester, Bristol etc. but Crawley is not really a destination we would have on our list. But isn’t that the most interesting thing? Watching a skate video from a random english city, or any other rather unknown random location?

The most inspiring things are usually hitting you unexpectedly, and so does this edit by James ‘DJ’ Davidson. It might not have the highest standard, when it comes to skateboarding tricks, but for us it is a new video from a new place with an unknown group of people and we love that.

Here is what James has to say:

“Once a potential-filled post-war town, this video contrasts the hopes outlined in a 70s documentary with present day skate footage.”

Enough said.