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Crawley, The South of England is not only the hometown of The Cure‘s Robert Smith but also a very dark and sad place, how coincidental you might think!? We have seen loads of edits from London, Manchester, Bristol etc. but Crawley is not really a destination we would have on our list. But isn’t that the most interesting thing? Watching a skate video from a random english city, or any other rather unknown random location?

The most inspiring things are usually hitting you unexpectedly, and so does this edit by James ‘DJ’ Davidson. It might not have the highest standard, when it comes to skateboarding tricks, but for us it is a new video from a new place with an unknown group of people and we love that.

Here is what James has to say:

“Once a potential-filled post-war town, this video contrasts the hopes outlined in a 70s documentary with present day skate footage.”

Enough said.

Girls picking up a skateboard can still be a “thing” for our male-dominated culture, lately, it seems that even the smallest shifts in our sub-culture are met a lot of negative responses but not this one. There have been a lot of girls skating over the years but it seems like there is a bigger influx of girls at the moment, you can see it at the local skatepark. The nice thing about this video is that not only are girl skaters the focal point of the piece but the thing was also directed by a woman, i-D magazine recognized the fact that girls should be telling their own stories away from the male gaze. We fully support the growing group of female skaters and females working in or with skateboarding because we feel that they all bring their own energy, style, tricks and ideas to the table. Girl Power!

Der Engläner Ben Raemers ist neuster Pro bei Enjoi Skateboards und darüber freut sich nicht nur Ben persönlich. Converse zeigen einen Congratulation Clip mit einigen heissen Manövern des leicht bekloppten Briten. Sehr symphatisch!