It has been a while since the first volume of Pete’s B&B came out, mostly because Pete himself has started working and has a lot of projects left to finish. The funny thing is, though he has been holding onto some of this footage for a while “saving it” for the appropriate moment. In the end, that moment came when Roland Hoogwater ended up editing the whole thing, making this a slightly different but otherwise enjoyable installment of the B&B series.

The title came from one of our friends who does his own vlog and was working his 39th episode during the editing of this B&B. As in the last volume, this one is set in the Netherlands and features the likes of:

Peter Buikema, Wessel Oelen, Elya Dijk, Robin Hayford, Yungsam, Roland Hoogwater, Gerben Scharft and Hobbe Hollands.


Click here to watch the first volume of Pete’s B&B.