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Film & Edit by Dylan van der Laan.

The nice people over at Essay magazine have just put out this little edit about a specific part of the Netherlands called “de Wadden“. Now, the Wadden Sea runs all the way to Denmark but for this edit, the crew – some of whom you might know from certain videos in the Place Presents series – traveled from Dollard to Harlingen and never ventured out more than 2 km from the sea. In a sense the have all become “waddenvolk” by doing this project. Enjoy!

When we spoke to Tobias on the phone the best fact about the conversation was that he didn’t even know he had made a sick video. But he did know enough to send it out into the world for all the see, and that includes wheelie wizard Tjerk Oosting, POP’s own Bastiaan van Zadelhoff, Rachid Addou, Jason Lijnzaat & Connor Kammerer?! Anyway, it might be a bit early but, do like Hugo Snelooper does and sit down on your sofa for some “sjekkietime” while pressing play on this video!


Never forget where you came from because that is what helped to mold you into who you are now. Groningen is a city in the north of the Netherlands and it is the place I was born. And since I am now in a chance to feature content on this platform I wanted to show some love to a squad from my hometown.

Let’s start by dissecting the name, ‘PI2SQUAD’. ‘PI2’ is a Dutch slang term used to describe a joint, while ‘squad’ as the dictionary tells us¬†stands for “a small group of people having a particular task.” So following that logic the PI2SQUAD are a group of people tasked with smoking a lot of weed. But they do other things while smoking, things like skateboarding, filming, working, eating (munchies) and more. Which resulted in this “Movie”.

Obviously, you don’t have the same nostalgic feeling watching this that I do but there is enough craziness in this movie for everybody to enjoy.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Photo by Diederick Winchester

It has been a while since the first volume of Pete’s B&B came out, mostly because Pete himself has started working and has a lot of projects left to finish. The funny thing is, though he has been holding onto some of this footage for a while “saving it” for the appropriate moment. In the end, that moment came when Roland Hoogwater¬†ended up editing the whole thing, making this a slightly different but otherwise enjoyable installment of the B&B series.

The title came from one of our friends who does his own vlog and was working his 39th episode during the editing of this B&B. As in the last volume, this one is set in the Netherlands and features the likes of:

Peter Buikema, Wessel Oelen, Elya Dijk, Robin Hayford, Yungsam, Roland Hoogwater, Gerben Scharft and Hobbe Hollands.


Click here to watch the first volume of Pete’s B&B.