Vienna holds a special place in our hearts because it is home to a lot of our friends. So it’s obvious that our hearts are beating faster every time there’s something new from the most livable city in the world. This time Mr. Danny Wright gifts us with his new video “AIRHEADS” and we are happy to see so many familiar faces and of course some good skateboarding. Watching the video makes us miss them a lot. Sending love to Vienna!

Intro by Louis Marschall.

Video & text by Danny Wright.

When Louis left Vienna, I guess we all got kinda lazy because he was the guy with the camera who would get everyone out to the street spots. After almost a year of basically only skating shitty skateparks, I decided to get a camera myself and started filming my friends, since I‘m the shittiest skater in our group lol. In the beginning, I only planned to make a small edit but somehow I collected enough footage to turn this thing into a semi-full-length, if that‘s even a thing. The video features some of Vienna’s finest such as Wadeyboy, Toni Donau, Raphi Krisa, Luki Kro, Lori, Fe, and many more.