The Stair

Skating stairs is a pretty big part of most skaters lives. We spend a lot of time moving through traffic looking at stairs and dreaming about the tricks that could go down. Most of the time we stay close to home and fantasize about a nollie flip or a backside three sixty. But more and more we see skaters popping up that redefine the way we might approach a set of stairs, of course this is as much about the type of stairs as it is about the type of skater you are. Here are six ways to skate stairs.


With these first couple of tricks it is important for the skater to be fast and we are not only talking about forward motion, we are talking about fast feet. The very first clip will show you exactly what we mean.

Noah Bunink – Pop,pop,pop,pop,pop,pop,pop and flip

Daniel Pannemann – All the way up two stairs.


Gravity is a natural force so in that sense going down stairs is probably the most “natural” thing a person could do. By thinking inside the box these skaters still found their own way to interact with the steps.

Glenn Fox – With a three step program

Kevin Rodrigues – Backside powerslide at 5:58

Ragdoll – Goes from board to board


Gou Miyagi goes about skating in its own way and that is exactly why he has his very own category in this article. The best thing about Gou and his skating is his flow. The kind of tricks or “interactions” he has with his surroundings would look out of place with most other skaters but Gou leaves you wanting to know what is next.

The trick starts at 0:52 and again at 1:55

Gou Miyagi goes up, down, and upside down.

by Roland Hoogwater