Welcome back to our Place Presents series, this one takes us to the South of Germany, Nuremberg, Bavaria to be exact. In this part of Germany also known as Franconia, Stephan Pöhlmann resides and in this article, we will get to know a bit more about the newest his newest part, Ingo Conrad‘s filming, Nazi architecture (front to back) & raising your kid the right way? Now, If those little teasing words haven’t gotten you to press the play button scroll down to be convinced because we have ten mini-stories about this video. Enjoy.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text by Ingo Conrad.
Film & Edit by Ingo Conrad.

Opening line:

The location for the opening line is on the grounds of a famous Nuremberg Aufmarschgelände which was used for Nazi Party Rallies. The grandstand tribune has been a famous skate spot for years but Stephan found a road less traveled by skating the backside of the building.

Frontside 5-0 down the Hubba:

On this certain day, the plan was to travel down to Crailsheim and visit a video-premiere hosted by a good friend of ours. Naturally, we used the rest of the day to go street skate. Stephan got the Frontside Bluntslide on the bank spot the same day as we found this Hubba ledge. The spot was located in a “rastplatz” (rest-area) on the autobahn, the run-up was super smooth which was explained by it being the entrance to a tile shop.

The Fountain:

First off, this spot is not as perfect as it looks, the ground is very slippery, the ledges are raw and it has the strangest security guard we know. This particular guard has the strange custom to drive over to the spot in his car, make his presence known, without getting out of the said car, and once he notices you are not impressed he will just be on his way again… By the way, this was the first thing we filmed in 2021, the latter of the two lines Stephan did in 3 tries so we were out quick.

Lockdown spots:

The lockdown in Nuremberg actually opened up the possibility to skate a lot of new spots. The one where he did the Ollie up, Frontside Shove-It, drop off was at a grocery shop, the bank was one of the trays to display vegetables on. When we ended up skating it, about a hundred passersby gave us their best “hateful” looks. Stephan managed to blend that out though and after he did it we quickly left the scene.

The white ledge (crooked grind):

This spot looked like an easy, no-hassle, type of spot to hit… nothing further from the truth though. The spot is at a summer school and in between tries Stephan actually had to answer multiple questions from a plethora of kids. The final stroke was when the custodian came and threatened to let his dog have a go at us if we didn’t leave within the next 5 minutes. I started packing my bags when Stephan said, “hold on a minute just one or two more”, he ended up leaving the spot with the trick, without any dog marks on him and he gained a lot of new fans.

Bump to bar (Backside 180):

This one is just way harder to skate than you would expect. How Colin Provost managed to Impossible will remain a mystery.

“Dad, do you know that what you guys are doing here counts as causing property damage?”

Young Mr. Conrad to his father Ingo.

The Ditch:

A great spot to get a photo at, but a horror type of spot to skate, with two very steep transition parts with almost no flat. Still at the end of the day, spot 0 – 1 Stephan.

The Backtail:

One more really random Pöhlmann spot… We needed to do some construction work to skate this one. Luckily we were about 10 deep so moving some fences was not the biggest of issues. Once we cleared it and took a good look at the spot though, the rounded out, rusted up ledge made people lose faith in Stephan’s chances. He ended up taking some pretty big slams but made it in the end.

The ABD (Frontside Ollie over the Hubba):

About a week before I went to this Hubba that you can jump over with Stephan. Chris Pfanner and I filmed the exact same trick, a Frontside 180 at the same spot… But in 2022 ABD…Who cares?

Damaging my son’s school:

When I imported this line later that same evening, my son was watching the footage as well. He recognized that the spot was in fact, at his school called the “Pausenhof”. “Dad, do you know that what you guys are doing here counts as causing property damage?”. I then proceeded to explain to my son that some things in life, like the spot at his school, are just too good not to damage.

Smith Grinding a rail:

Truth be told, the nice thing about this session was just hanging out with Christoph Maderer (photographer) and shooting the shit about the good old times.

The end(er):

Stephan has not left any cornerstone unturned, and as such has a huge spot map in his phone. One should note that most of the spots in his phone would only be seen as spots by Mr. Pöhlmann himself.

When Stephan showed me the rail we filmed his ender on my response was “Nice, it would be possible if there was more of a run-up.” I thought it was simply impossible, one did not have a lot of space and the other side had about a 3 meter drop down on it. All these concerns of mine did, however not impress Stephan at all, he said “just point the camera my way.”, while he was trying the boardslide I was so tense that after he landed the trick I saw that I had completely fucked up the shot… I did not even dare tell Stephan I didn’t get it, once I did though he calmly said, “Ok, no problem, I will just do it again”, I was so impressed. He did it again and that was it… all the tension was gone.