Tag: Blue Tile Lounge

The Blue Tile Lounge shop in Toronto is celebrating their 25th year in business with a video called “Home”. Starting it all with a best of section and followed by Ben St.Aubin, Justin David, Evan Hay, Lee Yankou, Chris Kuitenbrouwer, Harry Brewer, Josh Bos, Dylan Barnes and Ryan DesRoches.

“Home” was Filmed by Devin Guiney and Daniel Policelli and edited by Rob Lane, Justin Czank and Devin Guiney.

There is this simple rule: Give skateboarders the prospect of good money and they will outdo themselves. All City Showdown is a well-known street contest. Every team consists of three riders and one filmer and has eight hours to film. Last years final stop of the series was Toronto hosted by Blue Tile Lounge. It’s just incredible to see all the footage that was filmed under the before mentioned serious time pressure.