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It took us a while to finally go live with the fourth and final part of the Hack International series.

This last Hack part finally sees the boys make their way from the south of America all the way to the north. Nor and So-cal to be exact, times over there were harder for the guys but the footage is good. As in every part they managed to find some of their friends and make some new ones at the same time.

The whole thing ends where it started… in Europe, Christiania to be exact. There they meet back up with their friend from South America, you know it is always nice when things round out and form a non-vicious cycle.

Enjoy the last part of the Hack series and go back and watch part one, two or three if you want to catch up.

“Finally we have arrived at part 3, that is my favorite part!”  Said Hack frontman Vincent Heller.

And as we journey with the 2 Hackies we have to agree, from Machu Picchu to the smooth concrete parks and back to the rough mountain streets, this is a Hack Highlight. Enjoy!

In this second episode, we find the Hack boys high as ever flipping their board on some the highest points in South America. Farid and Vince trek on as their journey takes them deeper into nature, a forebearer of what to come.

Enjoy part two featuring:
Pat, Zach, Mink, Snackmaster and Torey.

If you ever moved a mile you will find out that travelling equals freedom and friendship. Farid Ulrich and Vincent Heller have made many friends all over the globe, some they met at home in Berlin and others they stumbled upon during their own tours, trips and movements.

Naturally, when friendship blooms, an invitation is made either out of politeness or out of need (wanting to hang out). Farid and Vincent are famous for extending their hand and taking people in, but as all travellers do they need to leave home ever so often. So they saved up and decided to do a “Grand Tour” of all their friends in South-America.

First stop, the Republic of Chile, and Alvaro Galarce, Christian „Maluco“ Elizondo, Matthias Torres, Eduardo „El Gato“ Garcia and Max Kani all got a visit from the two high flying Berliners.

We are done talking and if you want to know more simply press play!